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At Bonvie Wellness, we believe in moving frontiers. We believe in wellness without limitations.   

We acknowledge existing medicines and supplementation system is suboptimal. No one likes taking medicines or supplements. It’s not fun at all. It worsens the feeling of sickness. It's time for a change!

We believe future of medicines should be tailored to you, focused on your lifestyle. 


We were inspired to ask ourselves: what if we develop a nutritional supplementation that mirrors the way we eat food? Can we learn from our Mother Nature?

We took a deep dive to understand how Mother Nature creates food packed with nutrients and care about us.  

By mirroring Mother Nature’s design, the future of supplementation is finally here with ConCordix:

Our Manufacturing Partner

The Experts behind ConCordix  

Our partner is Vitux AS, a Norwegian Contract Development Manufacturer. They are the company behind this game changing innovation – ConCordix which is jointly developed with Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The company is established in Oslo with a manufacturing site in Andenes, Norway and a planned site in Canada.

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