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Bonvie Wellness: Know Us!



At Bonvie Wellness, we are fully committed to developing game changing pharmaceutical innovations, meant to completely transform the way people consume dietary supplements, and help them achieve their most optimal state of health and wellbeing. 

We partner with research organizations worldwide to develop our technologies, as well as with doctors, to validate and endorse our products. We build and nurture our reputation on key pillars such as scientific excellence, trust and authenticity. 


To spearhead groundbreaking innovations in the field of medicine, that help individuals significantly improve their health and lifestyle, and generate a meaningful and positive impact on the broader community. 

We aim to develop innovative and transformational products, which help consumers perceive medicine and supplements as a powerful and effective ally that can empower them to lead a more fulfilling and healthy life. 

Pure and Raw

Times change, and as the forward thinking company we are, we have constantly reinvented ourselves to keep up pace with these changing times. Since its arrival, COVID-19 shifted our efforts towards making a greater change when it comes to human wellness and immunity. This led us to start several studies about the importance of optimum nutrition at the various stages of human life. 

We have spared no effort in our quest to find new and more efficient drug delivery forms and technologies, which address the ongoing needs and desires of our customers, who consistently look for quality, effectiveness, and convenience in all of our products. 

Our extensive research shed some light to find a series of highly interesting and useful insights. One of them –and probably the most surprising– is that there is a significant number of health issues worldwide, which can only be attributed to nutritional deficiencies. In order to address this, we set out to research and co-develop a patent-protected technology, which allows us to deliver natural and highly nutritional supplements in the form of delicious soft chew tablets, which can be ingested at any time of the day. 

Our extraordinary efforts in research and development led to the conception of VitOmega, our first product in our lineup of upcoming, futuristic products based on the same patented technology. 

At Bonvie Wellness we work relentlessly, every day, to develop high quality and reliable products, with the goal of providing people everywhere with a set of key vitamins and nutrients that will help them take a hug leap forward in terms of health and nutrition. We strive to empower everyone to lead a better, healthier, and more pleasant life through our innovations. 


Corporate Social Responsibility 

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate culture and is integral to us. Our aim is to achieve profitable, global growth, conserving energy and protecting natural resources, which acting with integrity, as outlined in our ethical guidelines.  


France HQ: 

Bonvie Wellness SAS, 34 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris France 

India Office: 

Bonvie Wellness, B509 Empire Business Hub, Science City Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 380060  

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